Friday, July 16, 2010


Bigfoot documentaries and flights of fancy about Bigfoot disguised as documentaries have been about as plentiful as Bigfoot sightings are scarce ever since the infamous 1967 Patterson film (see clip below). Twenty years later, in 1987, AMT Models introduced a plastic model of Bigfoot. The image was based on a composite of various sightings.

Just over 20 more years later, in November of this year, AMT is re-leasing the Bigfoot model. The new model kit will come in brand new packaging, featuring glow in the dark injected plastic parts, instruction sheet and detailed display base. 1/7 scale approx. 10 inches tall. Perhaps overstating the obvious, AMT has added the following to their promo: "Painting and modeling skills required" (!). Taking it further for them, one could imagine that one could choke on the parts and suffocate in the plastic packaging as well, so please, observe all precautions and, oh, have fun if you purchase one.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmm, it was issued in 1977, NOT 1987.
Just FYI.