Saturday, October 2, 2010


"House of the Wolf Man" tells the story of Dr. Bela Reinhardt (Chaney) and the five guests he has invited to his castle to see which one will inherit his estate. He has arranged for a competition of sorts, and the victor shall be determined through a process of elimination. But it quickly becomes apparent to the five unwitting visitors that danger lurks in every corner, and that the House of the Wolf man holds a secret that could drive anyone to insanity! Starring Ron Chaney, grandson of Lon Chaney." - from

HOUSE OF THE WOLF MAN has a bit of horror film history behind it. Legend has it that Universal Studios was planning a third "monster rally" movie after the moderate successes of HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and HOUSE OF DRACULA. Obviously, it was not to be -- until now. While far from being a Universal Picture, this production is a faithful horror homage to the great classic monster movies of the 1940s.

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